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To access one of the AzSI electronic registration / payment portals click on the underlined topic on lines beginning with our logo.

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For Parents, Guardians & Athletes
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Athlete Transfer
Use this online transfer form to transfer your swimmers registration from one club in Arizona to another club in Arizona. The required transfer fee is non-refundable. Transfers from a club in another state to a club in Arizona should use the form found in the AzSI Document Library or click here . Additional questions regarding athlete transfers should be referred to your new club registrar.

Only for AzSI Clubs
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Athlete Registration
Clubs should use this payment portal to pay AzSI for athlete registration batches being emailed to AzSI. Note: Only Club batch files and payments may be submitted here. Individual athlete registration or renewal is NOT available through this portal
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2015 Club Renewals
Please read all instructions carefully as the process has changes significantly from prior years. To get started you will need your Club name, Club Code, Zip Code and designated Contact or Head Coach name and email address.

Renewal of a USA Swimming Club REQUIRES that an authorized club representative sign and date the application for Club renewal and send the SIGNED COPY to AzSI. (At the end of the on-line renewal process, you will be instructed to print a hard copy of the application for signing after the second signature block and before you pay.) By USA Swimming rules, if you do not sign the application and send all four pages to AzSI office via regular mail your club membership cannot renew. No exceptions or grace periods.

Non Athlete Renewals
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2015 Non-Athlete Registration/Renewals
This portal is for Non-Athlete registration renewal only. The portal does not provide for renewal of background screen, athlete protection or any of the certifications required of non-athlete members.

You may decide to submit your renewal manually by submitting USA Swimming Non-Athlete Registration Application form available here and forward that, your picture, other applicable updates and payment to the AzSI office.

Notes: Non-athlete cards can take as long as 10 days to process. If your card does not arrive within 14 days from submission of all required data and payment, please contact the office at membership@azswimming.org.

All new Non-Athlete Registrations must be submitted manually using the USA Swimming form available here and sent to AzSI office together with required additional required submissions and payment.

If you have not submitted your required picture for your ID Badge, please send it now to badges@azswimming.org. Picture ID Badges are part of Arizona Swimming’s commitment to protecting our athletes. Without the completion of your Athlete Protection Training, Background screen and your picture, your ID badge will not be issued.

Please note the USA Swimming and AzSI databases are not electronically linked. The AzSI database is updated weekly .

Error Messages: Non-athlete's whose applicable membership requirements have or will expire soon will not be able to renew their registrations electronically. If you get an error message regarding your certifications please submit your renewal directly to the AzSI office together with the required updated information. Forms for registration are available here . Requirements for new or renewal registrations are subject to change by USA Swimming at any time.

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