E-Mail List for Officers, Directors & Committee Chairs

For a complete list of Officers, Directors & Committee Chairs and their respective email contact information, click here.

Boards of Review

The various Boards of Review, Western Zone and Arizona Swimming’s, handle complaints between clubs, coaches and others regarding the administration of the sport of swimming.

Issues handled by the Zone Board of Review, include but are not limited to, issues regarding sanction denials, recruiting and other issues regarding coaches and clubs and issues regarding jurisdiction.  Click here to contact the Western Zone Board of Review and here for instructions for filing a Board of Review action with the Zone

Issues handled by the Arizona Swimming Board of Review, include most administrative issues. The Chair of the Arizona Swimming Board of Review may be reached by calling the Arizona Swimming office at +1 602 264 2443 or email at to be referred to the committee chair.

Note:  Issues regarding miss-conduct of individuals should be referred directly to USA Swimming Safe Sport.  See below for information regarding contacting Safe Sport.

AzSI Office Address, Phone & E-mail

The administrative office of Arizona Swimming are located at:

Address:  1212 E Osborn Road · Suite 101 · Phoenix, AZ 85014
Phone:     +1 602 264 2443
Fax           +1 602 266 9223

Safe Sport Notifications

If you have been the victim of abuse or are have questions about your situation, please contact Safe Sport Program staff, Susan Woessner or Liz Hoendervoogt, via email (see below) who can help answer any questions you may have.  If you want to speak to someone immediately, contact our Director of Safe Sport, Susan Woessner, at email hidden; JavaScript is required or 719-866-3589 or Safe Sport Program Coordinator, Liz Hoendervoogt, at email hidden; JavaScript is required or 719-866-3542.   The Arizona Safe Sport Coordinator is Ron Corbin.  He may be reached at