A Safer Sport – for Athletes, Parents & Clubs

USA & Arizona Swimming Commitment to a Safe Sport

USA/Arizona Swimming are committed to fostering a fun, healthy and safe environment for all of its members. For that reason, we have in place a detailed Code of Conduct for all members. The following rules, policies, reporting structure, education and tools are intended to serve our members as we work together to maintain this environment.  Here is a letter from US Center for Safe Sport.


Helpful Information

  • Information for Athletes
  • Information for Parents
  • Information for Clubs

  • Click here for video explaining the new three point entry required of all athletes entering the pool except when using starting blocks.

Arizona Swimming and USA Swimming are committed to a safe sport. Below are helpful links for athletes.

Arizona Swimming and USA Swimming are committed to a safe sport. Below are helpful links for parents.

USA Swimming requires that all USA Swimming Clubs develop and adhere to various policies in furtherance of developing a safer sport.   If a member Club does not have an existing policy, by default those policies shall be those model policies developed by USA Swimming.  There are links to these policies, model policies and other items below:

Safe Sport

Training & Education

Free to all members
Click here to see how we can all help foster safe and positive environments by educating ourselves on the tragic issue of abuse. USA Swimming offers training for all members with specific training for coaches, officials, and other non-athlete members, parents, and athlete. You can start your online training today.

Recognizing, Responding and Reporting

The responsibility of reporting
Click here to see the USA Swimming Safe Sport reporting requirements. USA Swimming requires the reporting of sexual misconduct by any member and strongly encourages reporting boundary violations, red flag behavior, and any other inappropriate conduct.

If you have been the victim of abuse or are have questions about your situation, please contact Safe Sport Program staff, Susan Woessner or Liz Hoendervoogt, via email (see below) who can help answer any questions you may have.  If you want to speak to someone immediately, contact our Director of Safe Sport, Susan Woessner, at email hidden; JavaScript is required or 719-866-3589 or Safe Sport Program Coordinator, Liz Hoendervoogt, at email hidden; JavaScript is required or 719-866-3542.   The Arizona Safe Sport Coordinator is Ron Corbin.  He may be reached at safesport@azswimming.org

The USA Swimming Code of Conduct requires any individual with credible information involving sexual misconduct to report that information to our Safe Sport Program staff. Providing specific information regarding abuse or suspected abuse helps USA Swimming to investigate the complaint, and, when appropriate, levy consequences, including revocation of membership. Click here for the USA Swimming Safe Sport Abuse Reporting form.

Anti-Bullying Information

These websites listed contain both information on bullying along with resources to combat bullying.

Non Athlete Members Mandatory Athlete Protection Training

All non-athlete members of AzSI/USA Swimming must complete the USA Swimming Athletic Protection Training prior to registration or renewal of registration. Click here to begin your mandatory  Athlete Protection Training training. Within a few business days of the completion of your training, your USAS record will be automatically updated.