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Officials Invitation to Work Meets “the BLAST”

This blast broadcast to officials is only for use in requesting officials to work Arizona Swimming Sanctioned or Approved meets.  Click here to broadcast an email to all Arizona Officials and invite them to your meet.  This broadcast is password protected.  Questions regarding use should be directed to the AZSI office.

Officials Clinics *NEW*

USA Swimming is creating clinics, for all positions, which will be used across the organization for certification and recertification purposes, once they are ready.  The plan is to create and make available the clinics one position at a time, over the time period spanning April 2024 and August 2025.  The first of the series, the Stroke & Turn clinic, is ready and this will be the only required clinic for S&T certification (and recertification) purposes from now on.  The link for the clinic is below.  If you are waiting for a clinic to complete your S&T certification, please make sure that you take this clinic online at USA Swimming website and send AZ Swimming some documentation (screenshot is OK) of having completed the clinic.

*NEW* S&T Certification Course & Assessment (click Officials tab and select Stroke & Turn Certification Course and Assessment course):

Link to the training videos:  (the videos can be located at the bottom-right side of the page).

Keeping you updated on the latest information for Officials:

Here are a few of the updated rules and interpretations.

Officials Certification (New & Renewals)

Looking into becoming an Official? Click here to learn how to become a Certified S&T Official for Arizona Swimming!

In addition to the technical training required to be a certified official you must be a registered member of USA Swimming / Arizona Swimming, having completed the required background screen and the online athlete protection training. Background screens and online athlete protection can be completed though the USA Swimming website.

More information on how to become an official can be found here.

Currently certified as an official or your certification has lapsed? click here for detailed instruction on how to renew your certifications.

Click here for information on the online testing for USA Swimming Officials Certification.

Access the NEW online “USA Swimming University” to browse educational offerings for USA Swimming members and non-members here

2024 USA Swimming Rule Book: Click here for 2024 USA Swimming Rules and Regulation book in pdf format.

Member Registration & Requirements

Non-Athlete Membership: Members are required to renew their non-athlete membership annually. For more information or assistance on registration please visit our Member Registration page here, or contact the Arizona Swimming office at

Athlete Protection Training: All non-athlete members of AZSI/USA Swimming must complete the annual USA Swimming Athletic Protection Training. Click here for more information and to complete Athlete Protection Training. Your USAS record will be automatically updated.

Background Screen: All non-athlete members of AZSI/USA Swimming are required to complete a background check through the USA Swimming University page. Background checks are generally valid for two years from the date of completion and will automatically update to your USAS record.

Keep Your Information Current!

Have a new home address, email address, or phone number? If you change any of this information, please notify us so we can update your registration record. Our primary method of communication is via email, if we don’t have a working email you will not hear from us. So please keep all contact information current. Click here for a form located in the Document Library to report changes to the Arizona Swimming office.

Officals Tracking System (OTS)

USA Swimming maintains an Officials Tracking System (“OTS”) for all LSCs.  OTS is available to Meet Referee’s and can be accessed through the new SWIMS 3.0. Individuals can view their meet worked history by logging into their personal account on the USA Swimming website at

Looking for a Meet Management Form?

Click here for list of downloadable Meet Management (and other) PDF forms available on the AZSI website.

Applications to Officiate National Level Competitions

If you would like to apply to work at one of the USA Swimming national level meets, click here for the applications to officiate. Please note that there are many applicants for each available position. Arizona Swimming has limited funds available to offset a portion of the funds for certain national level meets.   Click here for the AZSI policy which covers such reimbursement.

USA Swimming Links

Officials online testing
National Championship Meet Officiating Applications
National Certification and Evaluation 
Adapted Information for Officials

Other Swimming Organizations

Click here for link to other swimming sites.