Non-Athlete Registration RENEWAL

This portal is for Non-Athlete registration RENEWAL only. The portal does not provide for renewal of background screen, athlete protection or any of the certifications required of non-athlete members.

You may decide to submit your renewal manually by submitting USA Swimming Non-Athlete Registration Application form and forward that, your picture, other applicable updates and payment to the AZSI office as an attachment to an email. All NEW Non-Athlete Registrations must be submitted manually using the USA Swimming form and sent to AZSI office together with required additional submissions and payment made online. Please contact for further instruction.

If you have not submitted your required picture for your ID Badge, please send it now to Picture ID Badges are part of Arizona Swimming’s commitment to protecting our athletes. Without the completion of your Athlete Protection Training, Background screen, applicable certification updates and your picture, your ID badge will not be issued.

The info populated to renew your registration is updated twice a month.

Note: Non-athlete cards can take as long as 10 days to process. If your card does not arrive within 14 days from submission of all required data and payment, please contact the office at

Error Messages: Non-athlete’s whose applicable membership requirements have or will expire soon will not be able to renew their registrations electronically. If you get an error message regarding your certifications please submit your renewal directly to the AZSI office together with the required updated information. Forms for registration are available here. Requirements for new or renewal registrations are subject to change by USA Swimming at any time.

Multiple Renewals

This Non-Athlete Registration process will allow you to request renewals for multiple people and submit only one payment. Be aware that each request will require a separate login (using their USAS ID and ZIP) so have this information ready before starting the process. There is a system time-out and previous requests will be lost if there is no activity for 15 minutes.

Fees include a transaction fee.

Select Club Code
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ATTENTION: Non-athletes whose Safety Training, First Aid, CPR certifications, Background Screening, or Athlete Protection Training will expire within the next 5 days will not be able to renew their registration online. If after login you get an error message regarding your certifications please submit your renewal directly to the AzSI office.