Tech Suit Restriction for 12-and-Under Swimmers

The tech suit restrictions, proposed by the USA Swimming Age Group Development Committee, will go into effect for 12-and-under swimmers beginning September 1, 2020.

Click here for a complete lists of the suits that will be restricted for athletes 12 and under, including a list of those tech suits that will be allowed for athletes 12 and under:

USA Swimming’s statistics for Arizona

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Adaptive Information for Parents of Disabled Athletes

Click here for USA Swimming’s “Including Swimmers with a Disability”

Looking for a Swim Team for your Child?

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Making our Sport Safer for Parents

Click here for information on USA Swimming Athlete Protection Training.

Arizona Swimming encourages the parents of our athletes take USA Swimming’s Athlete Protection Training.

Swimming 101 – The Basics of Swimming

A Link to the USA Swimming Website which includes the following information.

  • Basics of team swimming
  • Basics of what and how swim meets work
  • Glossary of terms used in swimming
  • Basics understanding of the rules for each stroke
  • Volunteering in swimming