RESULTS & RECORDS – includes list of State Champions

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Meet Results

Meet results may be downloaded from USA Swimming website. These results constitute the official results of the meets and are uploaded to the USA Swimming SWIMS database. Click here to access the Arizona Portal resident on USA Swimming website for meet results.

Arizona Swimming Records & Top Times

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Note: Arizona Records are based on historic data contained in the USA Swimming SWIMS database. Records are generally updated after the end of each season.

Arizona State Champions

The following clubs were state champions in their respective division.

Senior  Age Group
2017  SC SAC SAC
2016 LC  SAC SAC
2016 SC SAC  SAC
2015 SC SAC  SAC
2014 SC  FORD  NEP
 2014 LC  FORD  NEP
 2013 SC  FORD  NEP
 2013 LC  FORD  NEP
 2012 SC  FORD  NEP
 2012 LC  FORD  NEP
 2011 SC  YWSF  SAC
 2011LC  FORD  NEP
 2010 SC  SAC  SAC

Record Corrections

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