Meet Marshal Test

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1. The Meet Marshal reports to:

2. During meet warm up the Meet Marshals should:

3. Locker room safety checks should include:

4. During the meet competition the Meet Marshals should:

5. The Meet Marshal’s responsibilities include:

6. The Meet Marshal is listed in the USA Swimming Rule book under section:

7. When a swimmer has fallen on the pool deck and appears to have a broken arm, the Meet Marshal will:

8. If a swimmer refuses to stop horseplay in the warm down pool area the Meet Marshal will:

9. A coach has directed their swimmers to do backstroke starts in lanes 3 and 4 during the general warm up time. As Meet Marshal you:

10. In a closed deck venue, a parent of a 14 year swimmer refuses to leave the team area, the meet marshal will:

11. During what time frame will the Meet Referee authorize that push/pace lanes may be used the warm-up:

12. The location of two meet marshals during warm up should be:

13. General warm-up is:

14. Backstroke starts during warm-up may be done in any lane.

15. You observe lightening in the distance during an outdoor meet. You immediately notify the pool lifeguard and meet director.

16. Safety Action Plans should only be shown to the Fire Department at their request:

17. The Meet Marshal may leave the meet at the conclusion of the last race.

18. It is ok for swimmers to swim under the bulk-head during warm up so they can reach the starting block area without having to get out of the pool.

19. It is ok for coaches to request additional dive/sprint lanes during the Specific Warm-up time period.

20. Meet Marshals use radios to talk to each other as needed during the swim meet.