Arizona Swimming Requirements

  • Minimum of 2 Meet Marshals
  • 1 Female
  • 1 Male
  • Prelim/Final meets:
    Minimum of 4 Meet Marshals per session
    Gender division required but does not need to be equitable
  • Meet Marshals CAN NOT be Coaches or Meet Directors
  • Must read the Meet Marshal Training Guide and pass the test
  • You may not work as a Meet Marshal until you receive your AzSI picture identification card and vest from AZ Swimming
  • Must be affiliated with an AZ Club or receive approval from the General Chair to become a Meet Marshal
  • Meet Marshals must wear the Arizona Swimming Meet Marshal apparel
  • Meet Marshals must sign in at the official’s table
  • You should obtain a portable radio similar to what the meet officials use
  • Meet Marshals should be on a separate radio channel that is assigned by the Meet Referee
  • You need to know the Meet Referee’s radio channel so you can speak with them if needed
  • Cell phones should not be carried by the Meet Marshal on deck
  • If a cell phone is needed for business or other emergency purpose it must be on silent or vibrate
  • Personal calls must not be taken or made while on deck serving as a Meet Marshal

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