During the Meet

  • Meet Marshals must be focused on the warm up/warm down pool at all times
  • There should be at least 1 Marshal, preferably 2 at the warm down pool (remember each will be responsible for an ‘L’)
  • Other Marshals may patrol the locker rooms and pool venue looking for safety problems
  • Once the meet has started take turns with short breaks and start rotating positions
  • Do not walk together (unless a specific inspection requires a witness)
  • Never have your back to the pool
  • You may meet and discuss issues or concerns but face the pool at all times
  • Rotating positions frequently keeps everyone alert
  • Never leave the warm down pool unattended when rotating positions
  • Report issues or potential issues that cannot be immediately resolved to the Meet Referee
  • During the smaller meets with only 2 Meet Marshals, the Meet Marshal must notify the Meet Referee and the other Meet Marshal if they need to leave the deck (bathroom or hospitality break)
  • The warm down pool can never be left unattended

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