General Rules to Enforce

  • Generally the only people on deck should be swimmers, coaches, meet volunteers and meet officials
  • Coaches and meet officials are required to have their USA Swimming credentials visibly displayed on their person at all times
  • If anyone is acting belligerent and uncooperative, get their name, club affiliation and notify the Meet Referee, the Meet Director and/or security if available
  • If someone is not entered into the meet, they may not use the warm-down pool or any other part of the pool at the facility
    • Especially wading pool areas
      Diving boards are never to be used during a swimming meet
  • The following is not allowed at any time:
    • Glass is not allowed on deck or in the locker rooms at any time
    • Alcoholic beverages or illegal substances are not allowed anywhere
    • Smoking is not allowed on the premises at any time
      Smokers must be at least twenty feet from any doorway or entrances to the pool facility or in some cases a public sidewalk off the premises
  • Cameras or cell phones are not allowed to be used in the locker rooms (including the Meet Marshals)
  • If you see anyone taking pictures or possibly video taping in the locker rooms with camera phones or other camera, you are to take the person to the Meet Referee
    • If the person refuses to go with you, do not leave the person alone in the locker room
    • Ask a nearby bystander to go to the Officials Table and get the Meet Referee to come to the locker room immediately
    • Do not physically touch the person
  • Unauthorized or Suspicious Persons
    • Adults should not be loitering in the locker rooms – If you notice that someone is, please ask them to leave
    • If that person refuses to leave, ask a bystander to notify the Meet Referee at once!
    • That person should be removed from the premises
    • The Meet Director is to assist with this and should notify the police

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