Job Description

  • A Meet Marshal is a meet official whose responsibility is to enforce warm-up procedures and maintain order in the swimming venue.
  • The Meet Marshal has full authority to warn or order to cease and desist, and with the concurrence of the Meet Referee, to remove or have removed from the swimming venue anyone behaving in an unsafe manner or using profane or abusive language, bullying or whose actions are disrupting the orderly conduct of the meet.
  • Meet Marshals are required to wear identifying attire (Arizona Swimming Vest and Lanyard and ID)
  • The Meet Marshal role is defined in section 102.19 of the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations
  • Meet Marshals should be friendly and have a smile on their face as they walk throughout the pool venue
  • You are a representative of the club and also the sport of swimming
  • Besides being in charge of safety you are a customer service rep as well

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