Safety Action Plan

  • Safety Action Plans (SAP) should be in place for each pool, based on identified risks for that facility
  • A Safety Action Plan should be in place for a facility emergency, weather emergency, fire, chemical emergency, drowning incident, spinal management, emergency incident, and calling 911
  • Ask to see the plans before the start of warm-up
  • If the pool is managed by lifeguards, they should have them
  • The plan should also list important phone numbers, protocols for getting help, name or position of the person on deck that is responsible for activating the Safety Action Plan
  • You may also ask for a copy of them from the Meet Director prior to the meet
  • In case of emergency:
    • All directives will come from the pool personnel or Meet Director
    • The meet announcer will be instructed to make public announcements with instructions, updates etc.
    • Based on the degree of the emergency, the pool area, building or both will be evacuated under the direction of the lifeguards, meet personnel and/or emergency personnel

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