Changes coming to USA/AZ Swimming registrations


  • As of 9/1/2022 – EVERYONE must create a PING account at regardless of having a current login/Deck Pass access
  • Non-athletes, adult athletes, and parents of a minor athletes will receive a link from their club to create as USA Swimming Account
  • For those unattached to a club, the link will be provided by the AZSI Office
  • Athletes 16 & 17 years of age may create their own USA Swimming Account in preparation for completing the APT requirement 30 days prior to turning 18 (Athletes will no longer have a 30 day grace period after turning 18 to complete this course)
  • ALL adult athletes must have their own USA Swimming Account to link up APT course completion

Stayed tuned for more information!

Age Group Western Zones

Arizona Swimming is excited to take a team to this summer’s Age Group Western Zones meet in Elk Grove, CA!

Athletes interested in attending can complete the 2022 application found here. Applications must be received by the AZSI Office along with a $100 deposit check no later than 3PM on July 1, 2022.

Membership ID’s

In an effort to streamline the workflow in the Arizona Swimming office so that we can better serve you as our members, we are no longer sending out any membership ID’s at this time.

This includes membership cards to both athlete and non-athlete members. All members are encouraged to use their DeckPass accounts on the USA Swimming website or app for proof of membership as this is the most accurate and up to date.

Arizona Swimming Mission and Vision

From novice to Olympian, Arizona Swimming promotes
competitive excellence in the sport of swimming. We believe
swimming provides life changing experiences.

Arizona Swimming excels in providing our members with the
opportunity to reach their full life potential, in and out of the water.

Our core values are Integrity, Teamwork, Mentorship, Diversity and Lifestyle