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The information below is for use by parents, athletes, coaches and officials.  There is much more information throughout the AZSI website.

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USA Swimming’s statistics for Arizona

Check out the LSC PORTAL on the USA Swimming web site to find performance statistics for AZSI athletes, AZSI meet results & AZSI records

Click here, then scroll down to select the Arizona Swimming portal.

Adaptive Information for Parents of Disabled Athletes

Click here for USA Swimming’s “Including Swimmers with a Disability”

Looking for a Swim Team for your Child?

Click here to find an Arizona team near you.

Making our Sport Safer for Parents

Click here for information on USA Swimming Athlete Protection Training.

Arizona Swimming encourages the parents of our athletes take USA Swimming’s Athlete Protection Training.

Swimming 101 – The Basics of Swimming

A Link to the USA Swimming Website which includes the following information.

  • Basics of team swimming
  • Basics of what and how swim meets work
  • Glossary of terms used in swimming
  • Basics understanding of the rules for each stroke
  • Volunteering in swimming

USA Swimming’s Statistics for Arizona

Check out the LSC PORTAL on the USA Swimming web site to find performance statistics for AZSI athletes, meet results and AZSI records!

Click here, then scroll down to select the Arizona Swimming portal.

Statement Regarding Western Zones Competitions

AZSI will not participate in the USA Swimming Western Zone Age Group Championship meet (commonly referred to as “Zones”).  As a result, no athletes will represent AZSI in this competition

NCAA Eligibility Center

Any athlete who wishes to continue their swimming career in college, please click here to register with the NCAA.

Click here for the general NCAA website.

Adaptive Information for Athletes

Click here.

AZSI Athlete Travel Reimbursement

Arizona Swimming offers limited travel reimbursement for athletes qualifying for and participating at various USA Swimming national level meets.  The AZSI policy for athlete reimbursement of qualified travel expenses can be found in the document library.

Making Our Sport Safer for Athletes

Click here for information on USA Swimming Athlete Protection Training.

Arizona Swimming encourages our athletes take USA Swimmings Athlete Protection Training. USA Swimming has contracted the company Praesidium for this training, an industry expert in abuse prevention.  Due to the nature of the website, we recommend that the athletes watch this with their parents or guardians.

Arizona Swimming Time Standards

USA Swimming’s Statistics for Arizona

Check out the LSC PORTAL on the USA Swimming web site to find performance statistics for AZSI athletes.

Click here, then scroll down to select the Arizona Swimming portal.

Pool Certification Information

Information on certified pools in Arizona and how to get your pool nationally certified.

Keep Your Information Current

Arizona Swimming requests that you keep all contact information current. Click here for Contact Information Change Form. Please complete the form and return it to the AzSI office.

Red Cross Certification Courses and Foundations of Coaching

  • All American Red Cross classes are now scheduled through one national clearinghouse. For more information, reach out to the American Red Cross at 1-800-red-cross or
  • USA Swimming’s Foundations of Coaching

USA Swimming’s Foundations of Coaching Testing

USA Swimming’s Foundations of Coaching webpage can be found here.

Safety Training for Coaches – in water

Click here for the Safety Training for Swim Coaches In-Water Checklist. When completed, this signed form together with the completion certificate from the on-line portion of the Swim Coaches Safety Training, should be sent to the AzSI office. The forms may be sent by snail mail, fax or scanned and emailed to

Non-Athlete Renewal Registrations

Renewal registration for non-athletes is available on-line. You must have completed Athlete Protection Training, Background Screening, First Aid, CPR etc before you can renew your registration. Please read the detailed instructions carefully. Go to to the AZSI Online Services portal if you have completed all requirements for registration.

Arizona Coaches of the Year Awards

Interested In Becoming A Coach?

USA Swimming Coaches Information

ASCA List of Coaches

ASCA (American Swimming Coaches Association) to see what this organization is about.

Click here for list of ASCA members.

Forms – Document Library

Looking for a Meet Management Form?

Click here for list of downloadable Meet Management (and other) PDF forms available on the AZSI website.

Officials Invitation to Work Meets “the BLAST”

This blast broadcast to officials  is only for use in requesting officials to work Arizona Swimming Sanctioned or Approved meets.  Click here to broadcast an email to all Arizona Officials and invite them to your meet.  This broadcast is password protected.  Questions regarding use should be directed to the AZSI office.

Officials Clinics

Click here for the current schedule of Officials Clinics plus event details such as location, time and instructor. Click here for Officials Clinic documents in the Document Library.

Clinic instructors are chosen by the Officials Chair. Additional clinics may only be added with the written permission of the Officials Chair who will assign an instructor. Requests for additional clinics should be addressed to Officials Chair, at

Adapted Information for Officials

Click here.

Keeping you updated on the latest information for Officials:

Here are a few of the updated rules and interpretations.

Applications to Officiate National Level Competitions

If you would like to apply to work at one of the USA Swimming national level meets, click here for the applications to officiate. Please note that there are many applicants for each available position. Arizona Swimming has limited funds available to offset a portion of the funds for certain national level meets.   Click here for the AZSI policy which covers such reimbursement.

Non-Athlete Renewal Online Registration

Online renewal registration for non-athletes is open. Renewals are available through the AZSI Online Services portal.

Non athletes wishing to renew manually may use the Non-Athlete Registration form on the web and send to the AzSI office. The form is available in the Document Library.

Looking to Become an Official?

In addition to the technical training required to be a certified official you must be a registered member of USA Swimming / Arizona Swimming, having completed the required background screen and the online athlete protection training. Background screens and online athlete protection can be completed though the USA Swimming website; registration is through Arizona Swimming.

Interested in renewing your Certifications?

For detailed instruction on how to renew your certifications, click here.

Looking for the 2018 USA Swimming Rule Book?

Click here for 2018 USA Swimming Rules and Regulation book in pdf format.

Keep Your Information Current!

Have a new home address, email address, or phone number? If you change any of this information, please notify us so we can update your registration record. Our primary method of communication is via email, if we don’t have a working email you will not hear from us. So please keep all contact information current. Click here for a form to report changes to the Arizona Swimming office.

Athlete Protection Training

All non-athlete members of AZSI/USA Swimming must complete the USA Swimming Athletic Protection Training. Click here to complete Athlete Protection Training. Within a few business days of the completion of your training, your USAS record will be automatically updated.

AZSI Officals Meet Tracking System

USA Swimming maintains an Officials Tracking System for all LSCs. Click on the link below to go to the USA Officials Tracking System. Each time you access Officials Tracking you must sign in with your USA Swimming Account Log In. First time users must create an account with USA Swimming prior to attempting to access the Officials Tracking System. To establish a USAS account click ‘signin’ on the very top right hand side of the USAS Swimming webpage.

USA Swimming Officals Tracking System

Also available through the above link is an OTS: Officials Users Guide – Officials.

Other Swimming Organizations

Click here for link to other swimming sites.

Report of Occurrence

Arizona Swimming and USA Swimming require that all injuries, even minor occurrences such as bee stings etc., whether or not it involves a USA Swimming member or not, must be reported to our insurance carriers and USA Swimming. The report should be filled out by the Meet Director or by any club personnel supervising at the time of the incident. Click here to visit the USA Swimming electronic Report of Occurrence form.

Note: The Report of Occurrence must be filed electronically through the USA Swimming web site. Reports submitted via paper are no longer accepted. 

Risk Management Manual

This manual is designed to provide ideas, concepts, and tasks for sound risk management practice for our athletes to compete and train.

Click here for the Arizona Swimming Risk Management Manual.

Concussions in Youth Sports

Although not common in swimming, concussions can occur in the water and in dryland activities.

This free CDC online training helps prepare coaches and parents in less than 30 minutes.

Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports is a free online training available to coaches, parents, and others helping to keep athletes safe from concussion. The training was developed by CDC’s Injury Center in partnership and other leading organizations. It features interviews with leading experts and interactive exercises to help coaches and parents recognize a concussion and know how to respond if their athlete might have a concussion.